Featured Previous Experience


Implementation Software Engineer : SoftWear Automation Inc.

I currently work as an implementation engineer for a robotics company in Atlanta. SoftWear Automation specializes in textile and soft goods manufacturing automation.

When I first joined the company, I didn’t have a background in the advanced PLC structured text that was necessary to deploy our machines. Since then, I’ve become one of the primary contributors to TwinCAT motion control programming and am now supporting the development of three different product lines. My experience at SoftWear demonstrates how I can learn and implement new concepts and skills required for any project.


Graduate Thesis research : Intensity-based registration with voxel-based CAM for adaptive machining

The research topic for my graduate thesis focused on the application of intensity-based registration metrics in a manufacturing environment to facilitate direct digital adaptive machining.

The successful completion of this project necessitated that I quickly become familiar with medical image registrations, voxel model representations, metaheuristic optimization, and the Digital Twin paradigm. These were advanced topics in which I had little to no prior experience. Similar to my work as a implementation (software) engineer, this was a great opportunity to demonstrate my skill in adapting myself to new and unfamiliar environments. Within one year, I was able to complete my thesis and remaining coursework.

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Capstone Senior Design team lead

I served as team lead for my senior design group as we identified and delivered critical-to-quality customer requirements for a redesigned prototype robotic system. Our team presented a full analysis for the optimized product covering market research, OSHA regulations, and practical considerations for a full-scale implementation.


Research assistant : PRECISion machining research consortium

I worked as a research assistant at Georgia Tech's Precision Machining Consortium research group from 2015 to 2018. During that time, I gained hands-on experience programming and operating multi-axis CNC, working in a machine shop, and studying Industry 4.0 manufacturing concepts.


Direct digital subtractive manufacturing of a functional assembly using voxel-based models 

While working as a research assistant at the Precision Machining Research Consortium, I had the opportunity to co-author a published article advancing automated subtractive machining. We used a voxel-based CAM to machine a ball-in-socket mechanism capable of relative motion by incorporating support structures into the part design. This procedure is in contrast to the way support structures are integrated in direct digital additive manufacturing.

Other topics addressed are Industry 4.0, dynamic octree representations, and tool path planning for gcode.  

The article was published in the ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.


Caterpillar : Manufacturing Research Internship

I worked at Caterpillar's Manufacturing R&D center outside of Peoria, Illinois during the summer of 2016. While there I gained experience in remanufacturing and welding applications for industrial robotics. The projects to which I contributed introduced me to new areas of industrial optimization through automation and information technology.

Caterpillar is recognized as an industry leader in safety standards. During my internship I completed safety training courses in welding, robotics, lockout/tagout, and electrical equipment safety. This has further prepared me to operate in shop floor environments with a cultural emphasis on safety.