Design Project


Robotic Prototype Redesign, Analysis, and Optimization :

I had the honor of serving as team lead for my senior design capstone engineering project. We were tasked with the analysis and redesign of a cable-suspended parallel robot that could be used in masonry as a form of modular scaffolding. The concept was articulated by our customer and sponsor Dr. Russell Gentry of Georgia Tech's School of Architecture. He recognized that an inordinate amount of time was spent setting up scaffolding structures on masonry construction sites. Dr. Gentry requested we redesign and evaluate a previously commissioned prototype from his lab and explore solutions that would increase worksite efficiency.  

Our team designed a new system based on a threaded drum assembly that could control the transport of a scaffold end effector.  The solution required utilizing principles in material analysis, programming, control theory, OSHA regulatory considerations, and the evaluation of economic viability. By the end of the term, the team presented Dr. Gentry with a detailed report on a newly constructed prototype and the parameters for a fully scaled system.

Elected as team lead by my peers, I served as the primary contact to our sponsor, organized team meetings, scheduled sponsor reports/briefings, and maintained a positive, creative environment for collaboration. One of the most rewarding complements I received at the end of this project was from our sponsor who stated, “James really led this team to success.”


Citation: Arduino Mega 2560 CAD Model by David Truyens